Great ideas to make money online

There are loads of opportunities to make money online. If you have the inclination, if you can devote and put in effort, if you are passionate, then making money online from home is a cake walk. Apart from being  your own boss , you also earn money by doing what you love. So lets have a look at some of the most popular ways to make money online.

 Publishing books online

You could author books and publish them online. Kindle Direct Publishing is a free service provided by Amazon which allows you to publish your books free of cost online. You would earn royalties from the sale of these books. You could choose to price them based on the country the books are sold.

 Develop and sell apps

Building apps and selling is one of the lucrative business these days. With ever increasing number of smart phones and tablets users, there is a big demand for apps of various kinds. The tough job here is to create an app that is appealing to people. Once this hurdle is crossed, you can expect a steady income every month.

 Sale of Photos

There are numerous websites that stock photos like and These sites buy photos from many vendors and post them on their sites. They in turn sell them to end users. Based on the quality of the photos, you earn a royalty on your pictures for every sale.

Garage sale – selling used stuff

Every house has lots of junk lying around which is no longer of any use or has never been of any use to you. You make a list of these and put them up on sale on web sites. There might be someone somewhere looking for your stuff and you could make money off these idle stuffs lying at home.

 Online Shop

You could set up a shop online. You could make these products yourself or acquire them from elsewhere. Then repackage if needed and sell them in your shop with a profit margin.

 Sell Services

You could sign up a freelancer and work for companies on contract from your own premises or at their place. This way you could work on multiple projects at the same time and make good money.

 E tutoring

There are lots of tutoring sites looking for subject matter experts in various subjects to teach the students online. If you have expertise in any subject or have the ability to teach , you could attach yourself to any of the online tutoring sites and make money easily.

Advertising on You Tube and social networking portals

You could run ad campaigns on Facebook , You Tube and other portals. Every time your ad is clicked, you would make money. In order to drive traffic to your ads, you would need to popularize your ads through blogs and articles on other portals.

These are some of the legitimate ways to earn money online. Most of these will not make you a millionaire overnight , yet can give you reasonable returns to start with. Then your passion and hard work can get you better rewards.

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