How to earn money from facebook

What do you use your Facebook for  keeping in touch with friends and family ?Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to make money through Facebook? Well you are not the only one with this trail of thoughts. There are so many  ways and means to use social networking sites to make money.

Is it really possible to make money using Facebook? Yes, today, Facebook is used by millions of people like you and me to money online. There are plenty of ways to make money through Facebook. These are mostly work from home business. The investment is most often nil or very low. Now that sounds wonderful, isn’t it?  Let us look at some ways to make money through Facebook .

Sell Apps

You could be one of those who could develop app for a niche area and put it up for sale on Facebook. There have been several apps which have become successful through this platform.

Develop apps for third parties: There are plenty of people who have ideas for apps but don’t have the technology or man power to develop it. These people out there looking into developer’s forum looking for the right candidate to this job for them. You could be one who could develop apps for clients at a reasonable charge.

Sell Services

You sell services within Facebook and make money. PayPal could be used for payment for the premium services and this could yield income depending on the type of application, size and the number of people looking for the application.


You could use the advertising feature of Facebook to make easy money. Facebook allows you to run ad campaign based on target market’s profile. You could use AdSense, Chita and other PPC advert companies to set up ads for you and fine it as per your taste.

Affiliate Marketing

This is very similar to advertising but here you could register yourself some affiliate marketing. Then pick up a product from their list which you think you would be able to promote through ads. Then put up the ads, and every time someone clicks on the ad you make money.

Facebook is like a treasure trove. There are plenty of avenues to make money through Facebook. Like with all business, it requires commitment and dedication to put in the efforts in the right direction to make your desired money online through Facebook.

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